Things that suck in Guitar Pro 6

1. RSE

Those in GP5 were MUCH better sounding, and the biggest problem with the new ones is the unevenness of sound. For instance, a bass on one note may sound twice as louder as on another one. This makes GP6 almost unusable.

Wish they’d just made a GP5 with more keyboard shortcuts and without the annoying “Access violation” crash. But for now it annoys me less than the new RSE, alas.

2. Score-only tracks

In GP6, you cannot edit drum tracks in tablature mode, which makes the work about three times slower (cursor on the bass drum, then up to the snare, then back down to the bass, are you serious?!).

(the list will be updated as new major drawbacks are revealed)

So, Arobas, sorry, I’m not buying, literally.


15 Responses to Things that suck in Guitar Pro 6

  1. ArkaneDemon says:

    It’s a piece of crap, I agree. I torrented the thing to test it out to see if it’s worth buying, and believe me, it’s not. At all. Just buy or torrent GP5 and you’ll never go wrong. The access violation thing is annoying, but not nearly as annoying as GP6 as a whole. Unless they overhaul GP6 and make everything not crappy, I MAY consider switching. Til then, no thanks.

  2. Raiden says:

    Sucks about the drums, I’ve gotten really good at tabbing out drums in GP5 (memorized most of the numbers LOL)

  3. Same for me, 36 r 38 36 36 38

  4. João Paiva says:

    One of the most annoying things in my opinion are the lack of good sounding instruments (you can’t find an organ that can fit on Mr. Crowley). Try downloading a tablature of Trough The Fire and Flames from DragonForce, it will sound like your computer is crashing, and if you notice, the tempo isn’s exacly the same as it was on GP5, so the songs will run much faster on GP6. Last but not least is the work you have to do to set up a decent guitar sound ,with all those effects, amps, equalizers and shit, to sound like the song you want. GP5 overdriven and distortion guitar seemed to fit nicely on any song. Another thing is the fact that you sometimes can’t control the volume of the instruments (this usely happens when you use tabs from GP5) so, what happens is, that you get stucked with your bass almost blowing your ears and the lead and solo guitars sounding like rats .

  5. mark says:

    It makes me sick when companies “update” their programs, just make them look prettier, but stuff up all of the good things that they became known for.
    What have they done with the very good track properties window with different tunings.
    I teach banjo and needed to do banjo tabs but the G banjo tuning has been changed and is now wrong wrong WRONG! and by the way a mandolin is not an exotic guitar, it belongs to the violin family!
    I wasted my money.

  6. GP6 says:

    GP6 sucks balls… Guitar Pro 5 is a lot better…

  7. steve88 says:

    What a bunch of whingers, you really are

  8. Charve says:

    all i want is realistic sounding drums like the rss in gp 5 was really gr8 but now it sounds like a disco club when you enable the realistic effects over all very nice program but for me soundwise not cool hay!!

  9. budee says:

    fact is steve88 gp6 does suk balls.

  10. Ted says:

    Just realized you can’t edit voices with tab…standard notation only. Also, only keyboard. What am I, a pianist? It might as well be martian. And when you edit using the fretboard, you have to listen to the entire note. Makes editing whole notes you know VERY SLOW and annoying.

  11. guitar says:


    […]Things that suck in Guitar Pro 6 « Захаров.Blog[…]…

  12. GP6 is not too well, GP5 is all the best…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Guitar pro 5 sounded like a nintendo game. Yah it’s more complicated to use, but it’s called, “Change”. Something tat most people aren’t willing to accept. Some things do sound better, but consider I’m usually using electric guitar, no, I can’t even take the sounds of gp5 seriously.
    People really need to find a cure to their, ‘something is automatically better because it’s older and newer things always suck because their new’ syndrome.

  14. Marek says:

    Change which make You. A change which is like a sentence: “hahanow You can’t change things”.
    Nintendo? Do You like hearing midi tabs?
    Then You don’t know mp3 format. Guitar pro is only for learning, not for high pleasure audio player. Dumb.

  15. Stef says:

    I like how in GP6 you can pick amps and such and some things have definitely become easier to use, but when I play along a guitar track on GP6 it’s a big mess playing metal. Also the drums are much harder to hear because of the frequencies used, the nintendo style sounds really stand out from the mix for me. I think in GP6 they went a bit to far by making it sound more ”realistic”. The intention is to use it to make writing and teaching easier on guitar, right?

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