Things that suck in Guitar Pro 6

June 6, 2010

1. RSE

Those in GP5 were MUCH better sounding, and the biggest problem with the new ones is the unevenness of sound. For instance, a bass on one note may sound twice as louder as on another one. This makes GP6 almost unusable.

Wish they’d just made a GP5 with more keyboard shortcuts and without the annoying “Access violation” crash. But for now it annoys me less than the new RSE, alas.

2. Score-only tracks

In GP6, you cannot edit drum tracks in tablature mode, which makes the work about three times slower (cursor on the bass drum, then up to the snare, then back down to the bass, are you serious?!).

(the list will be updated as new major drawbacks are revealed)

So, Arobas, sorry, I’m not buying, literally.