My two favorite performances at Eurovision 2008

Croatian Kraljevi Ulice and 75 cents with “Romanca”:

Turkish Mor ve Ötesi with “Deli”:


4 Responses to My two favorite performances at Eurovision 2008

  1. Susi says:

    I loved those two songs as well!! Especially the croatian one, but also the turkish one :D Nice to see, that there are still some people with taste around ;)
    best wishes,
    Susi (=

  2. Susi says:

    Hello Vladimir,
    thanks for writing on my blog as well, it was a long and interesting comment.

    I see, we are really familiar in taste, what makes me quite happy, I thought there are not many people around with my taste, and I find it always again interesting to find them anywhere well hidden in the world ;)
    Also interesting, that a man doesn’t like those half naked female idiots dancing- always nice to hear again ^^
    Well, this with the Ukrainian woman is obviously pure gossip without any , made up by a friend of me that I liked to copy into my own blog.. you know how we women are, always a bit jealous to others- Still, i find it interesting how she can dance and sing like that, without any vibration in her voice ;)

    I didn’t realize before, this Georgian singer was actually Russian… although my boyfriend told me, he realized it because of her surname (he is Slovenian, he has got more idea about such things). But I somehow didn’t hear him… so, thanks for telling, it was an interesting information.

    Unfortunately a professional way and a good song seems to be a bad combination for ESC,… politics count much too much lately.. and yeah, the turkish ones were great… the finnish ‘rockers’ looked like they came just from the hairdresser and pedicure :P For me they also seemed just a cheap copy of Lordi, free for the motto: We once won with that kind of song, let’s try it again… pity, with Greece it works, with Finland not…

    Russia seems to me as a fascinating country… so different, “colorful”.. big, wide.. dimensions i can’t imagine, as a girl who grew up in Austria and can driver through her country with a train within 9 hours ;) Also the language must be really nice, i only know the cyrillic font and some simple words and phrases of Russian.. yeah, visiting it would be fantastic…

    anyway, just a nice ‘revenge’ on your comment, thanks again… in slovenia people say hvala, I have no idea about Russia, i only can hope it is similar ;)

    all the best wishes,
    Susi (=

  3. Ivan says:

    But where are russian songers?

  4. @Ivan: they sucked

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