Anastasia Prihodko – Tri Zimy (Three Winters) (originally by Taisia Povaliy)

A re-cover of Anastasia Prihodko’s cover of a Taisia Povaliy’s song. Anastasia Prihodko is a participant of the Russian “Fabrika 7” show (Russian analogue of the “American Idol”). She has the greatest voice in the show, and this song is just amazing in its Russian-ness.

The original:

Lyrics and translation after the jump.

Lyrics in cyrillics:

Замело дорогу снегом, за рекою ни души,
Нету сил от сладкой неги, милый, милый, поспеши…
Где найти былое счастье? Подскажи…
Догорит моя надежда, словно по утру свеча…
Обними меня, как прежде, утоли мою печаль.
Замирает моё сердце по ночам…

Три зимы я верила…
Чуда светлого ждала…
Три цветка я сорвала,
Только в косу не вплела…

Занесло дорогу снегом, не видать ничьих следов,
И со мною в тёмном небе только месяц молодой…
В тёмном небе только месяц молодой…

Translation (loose):

The road is swept with snow,
Not a soul across the river.
The sweet comfort has taken away all my powers,
Darling, please hurry up,
Give a cue as where to find the bygone happiness.

My hope will burn away,
Like the morning candle.
Take me in your arms like you did before,
Slack my sadness.
My heart pauses at nights.

For three winters I’ve been believing,
Waiting for a bright wonder.
Three flowers I have gathered,
But haven’t braided them in my plait

The road is swept with snow,
Not a footprint in sight.
And I’m accompanied in the dark sky
By the young moon alone.


12 Responses to Anastasia Prihodko – Tri Zimy (Three Winters) (originally by Taisia Povaliy)

  1. Lisa Bettany says:

    beautiful! *hugs*

  2. Lisa Bettany says:

    ps. i like your shirt and the presence of the coding robot’s mascot in the corner.

  3. thanks! Like the shirt too, it’s Otto Berg. And the mascot is always there, beholding us :)

  4. Romanis says:

    Ty klassno pojosh’!!!!!!!

  5. Romanis – спасибо!

  6. polegin says:

    Russian / Ukrainian – has a beautiful deap voice. Once I’ve heard her sing I knew she is going to be big, very big. She also has a very distinktive natural fitures intrincic to a model, her hands and of caurse the way she looks. If she doesn’t become a singer #1 she’ll be a model. Trust me.

  7. we’ll see we’ll see. i’ll be happer to see her sing

  8. Fa io says:

    Wonderful song like her cover about Kino’s song, thanks for your translation…hugs from Italy

  9. ksiusa says:

    ocen krasivo i tocno speta pesnia, a kakimi akordami ti igraes try zimy?otvet na e-mail plyz :)

  10. Kristi says:

    Beautiful song <3

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